Welcome to Port Royal!

We hope you will enjoy living here as much as we do!


As a renter, you are expected to follow the same guidelines as all owners.  Your rental agent (or owner) should provide you with the Port Royal handbook so you are aware of all rules and regulations.  There are very specific guidelines concerning moving in/out, garbage pickup, parking and more.  In addition, no renter is allowed to have a pet.

Your owner is required to submit a new lease to management ten days prior to the effective date of the lease (Bylaws). All leases must be at least six months in length.  Also, management must be notified prior to move in/move out.

If you haven't completed the Renter Contact Information form, please do so.  This form can be found on our website under "Forms".  If you have any questions, contact Etheridge Property Management at 850.484.2611.