Realtor Page

One way to get acquainted with available real estate at Port Royal is to search the Pensacola MLS web site. Click on the blue button below to access the site. In the new search window, type Port Royal and the current listings will display.
We have floor plans for the various configurations of the tower units and townhomes. Click on the button below to download the floor plans to your computer.  (The floorplans will not show on this page.) 

Estoppels / Questionnaires

Please e-mail all estoppel and questionnaire requests to be completed to:

Subject: Port Royal Estoppel / Questionnaire Request


Please allow 3-5 business days for all information to be completed. For expedited estoppels/ questionnaires, please notate it in the email. The response time will be from the time it is received to the following business day. Extra fee will be applied.



Estoppels $45.00-$75.00+

Questionnaires $85.00-$115.00+

Payable only to:

Etheridge Property Management

Help Your Seller/Buyer

1.  As a courtesy, you or your seller should notify management as soon as a unit is on the market.

2.  Make sure your seller knows the list of documents that should be provided to the buyer.

3.  Do not give the Port Royal gate code to potential buyers.  

Meet them outside the gate and bring them in.

4.  Please make sure seller and buyer know there are strict rules for moving in/out and management must be notified 48 hours in advance.