A  b  o  u  t    P  o  r  t    R  o  y  a  l

The Port Royal complex (tower, townhouses and detached homes) occupies a peninsula jutting into Pensacola Bay, the site of the old Baylen Wharf of wooden ship days. Beginning development in 1984, it was intended to be, and is, the premier downtown Pensacola neighborhood.


The tower at the Southern tip of the peninsula has 39 units ranging from one bedroom to seventh floor penthouses. A large common room for meetings and social activities (Galvez Room) with a fully-equipped kitchen and outdoor patio is located on the first floor.


We have 21 townhouse units, each with two or three bedrooms, one or two car garages, and decks that overlook the bay or marina. 


The tower and townhouses were Phase I of our community development.  We also now have 12 detached houses on the peninsula, constructed since 2000 as Phase II, as part of our community.  


Together the Port Royal community shares an outdoor swimming pool, entertainment gazebo, and fitness room.  

Phase I is organized as a Condominium, governed by its members through the Port Royal Owner's Association (PROA) Board. Phase II is organized as a Homeowner's Association and is similarly governed by its members through the Port Royal Phase II Homeowner's Association. The Port Royal Community Association (PRCA) is responsible for shared elements such as the pool, fitness room, community gate, and road.